Monday, April 27, 2015

Refused - Elektra

Amos posted this. Dang. 17 years in the cold. Now THAT is how you make a comeback.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

System Of A Down - Live In Armenia

Republic Square, Yerevan, April 23rd. This should suffice for today.

1:17 Holy Mountains
6:42 Jet Pilot 9:08 Suite-Pee 10:14 Prison Song 13:49 U-Fig 16:33 Aerials 20:21 Soldier Side 21:16 B.Y.O.B. 25:36 I-E-A-I-A-I-O 29:50 Radio/Video 33:40 Bubbles 35:35 CUBErt 37:54 Hypnotize 40:57 Dreaming 43:07 Needles 46:13 Deer Dance 51:55 P.L.U.C.K. 55:19 Sardarabad 57:15 Psycho 1:01:55 Chop Suey! 1:04:58 Lonely Day 1:07:44 Question! 1:11:54 Bounce 1:13:32 Kill Rock N Roll 1:15:49 Marmalade 1:19:27 Lost In Hollywood 1:24:36 Spiders 1:27:49 Mr. Jack 1:37:02 Science 1:39:31 Chic N Stu 1:42:04 ATWA 1:44:50 War? 1:52:21 Cigaro 1:53:54 Roulette 1:56:47 Toxicity 2:01:09 Sugar

Thursday, April 23, 2015

La Corneille - Stranger Stone

These guys are Dutch. I just heard their album. It's really good.

Shad - Brother

The new host of Q... ya buddy.

Sticky Fingers - Velvet Skies

Space reggae? Dub it up!

B. Dolan - The Devil Is Alive

Was kinda disappointed with the production on the new album, big step down from House of Bees Vol. 2 in my opinion. This track is one of the better ones.

Francis Reacts To Star Wars Trailer

The end is hilarious. Note: 'Francis' is a character, not a real person.

Two New Magnetic Toys

I really wish autoplay wasn't on by default on YouTube.

Here's some cool stuff from Tim Rowett of Grand Illusions fame.

Boring Office Job GoPro

Man, that looks... boring. P.S. the song is 'Daybreak' by Overwerk.

Delicious Shower Thoughts

I hate the new Chrome bookmarks. Who makes these decisions?

They should consult wise master Cookie Monster. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Snoop Dogg - So Many Pros

Snooooop! This video is ridiculously dope. The song... it's aight I guess.

Tyler The Creator - Fucking Young

This fella is back and he sounds hella different.

Lil Dicky - Classic Male Pregame

No idea who this guy is, but the production is actually pretty badass.

Arganalth - Smells Like Teen Spirit

I have no idea.

The Butterfly Child

Warning: this is graphic and upsetting but also inspiring.

SpaceX CRS-6 First Stage Landing

When was failure so impressive? These guys are damn close to something awesome.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Axis of Awesome - Rage of Thrones

Last one, I promise, but it's a good one!

BenDan - Game Of Thrones

Aww.... let's hear that theme song one more time, western style!

Tina Guo - The Rains Of Castamere

Those damned Lannisters!

Kodaline - High Hopes

Sir Davos! Get back in the show!

Tangerine Kitty - Dumb Ways To Die

Brilliant. Especially the end.

Blue Man Group - Game Of Thrones

Blue Man Group? Seriously, everyone loves this damn show. Hodor.

Sesame Street - Game of Chairs

Even Grover is in on the hype.

Maisie Williams - New Kill List

Politics and GoT just seem to go together.

Game of Thrones - The Waves Have Come

Let's not even pretend this day means anything else. Here's a fan-made trailer.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Reptar - No One Will Ever Love You

Let's end on a happier note. I'm really enjoying the new album from these crazies. This live performance is so tight it sounds pre-fab. Thumbs up.

Portico - 101

This video makes me sad. I loved the last album by these guys, well, by their previous incarnation as Portico Quartet. Now they're just a threesome and they've lost a lot of creativity. The new album is just bland. They've added vocals and for me they just don't fit the vibe. I'm sure this will open their sound up to a new audience, but I think it's alienating a lot of their die-hard fans. Evolution? Devolution? Check it out, see what you think. 

Elephant Gym - Games

Math rock from Taiwan. Whatever that means.

Scuba - Black On Black

Pretty good new album from this chap.

Missed The Train

I don't speak Swedish, but that almost makes it better.