Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bryan Raydio - Diseducated EP

I first put this one out more than two years ago, but I've remixed, remastered, and in parts completely re-written them so this is their first release in this incarnation. They've taken me the best part of 3 years to complete so the sound really isn't one I'm working with anymore, but here they are all the same.

The title track "Diseducated" features some classic lines from the 1976 movie "Network", and is a nearly 12 minute long adventure through all kinds of madness. More a techno feel to this one. 

 For those who have heard some of my earlier stuff, "Awaken" is a track I'd previously put online for some people, but I wasn't satisfied with it, so I've completely redone it, and it really doesn't sound anything like it did before. Get out your subwoofers for this one, it's a massive techy bass riff with some assorted funky percussion thrown in there, and some trippy psychedelic synths sandwiched in the middle. 

 "Starchaser" is a tribute, of sorts, to the late President John F. Kennedy, one of the great men of the 20th century. It features some poignant lines from this speech. This is a slower paced tune that builds near the end.

Artist: Bryan Raydio 
Title: Diseducated 
Label: Independent/Unsigned 
Format: 320kbps MP3 
Released: 28 June 2012 
Genre: Progressive 


01. Diseducated 11:53

02. Awaken 10:22

03. Starchaser 8:52


Bryan Raydio - Oscilliscape EP

Take three! After releasing this one about a month ago I found out afterwards that I didn't have enough juice in the mids and had to go back and re-master the tracks. Much struggle later, they're done. At least as far as I can take them right now. One day I'll get someone who knows what they're doing to do them properly, but this will do. You can preview and download the individual tracks from Soundcloud, or there's a link to the full EP at the end.

Artist: Bryan Raydio 
Title: Oscilliscape 
Label: Independent/Unsigned 
Format: 320kbps MP3 
Released: 28 June 2012 
Genre: Progressive 


01. Oscilliscape 6:15

02. Pacifico 8:04

03. The Cure 8:00


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rick Wade - Interpretation

Lastly here's some sweet Chicago house by way of Michigan to take us home. Back with my releases late tonight, or by mid-day tomorrow! Peace out.

Till Von Sein & Tigerskin - Good Times On The Reg

Ok, let's get back to some summer funk. Good times indeed!

Monika Kruse - Namaste

Might as well stick around Germany a little longer...

Justus Köhncke - Timecode

And let's speed it back up a little. This is some serious live beats from Germany.

Boards Of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon

Now let's slow it right down, with the genius experimental duo from Scotland taking us on a musical trip accompanied by footage from the 1963 short film "One Got Fat".

Monolake - Ghosts

This is a bit darker, with some crazy subway visuals to go with it.

Douglas Greed & Pascal Bideau - Down Here

Marek Hemmann puts his golden touch on this groovy little number, video from "Hero".

Robert Babicz - Beautiful

Final sound check on my tunes is still pending, so I'll be posting them either late tonight or tomorrow, in the meantime here's a bunch of electronic goodies for you to digest. Let's start with this chilled Tom Middleton remix masterpiece. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Deadmau5 - The Veldt

Hot off the press! The new Mau5track featuring Chris James on vocals. There's a great story behind the creation of this tune based on the short story by the recently passed Ray Bradbury. This is the video edit, the full length epic is here.

I promised my next EP a couple weeks ago, but I've had some mastering difficulties that I've been trying to work out. The tracks are now DONE at last, pending a final listening session this evening on a couple different sound systems. I've also remastered the last EP I sent out, since it seemed like the mid-levels disappeared on bigger systems, so I'll be re-releasing it (again...) as well. If everything goes to plan, you'll have some new stuff from me tomorrow. Until then, enjoy...

Dreadsquad & Lady Chann - Money Ah Dem God

Good message, great track. That's some serious dancehall beats right thurr.

Chinese Man - Get Up

Mad hype tune from the awesome French hip-hop collective.

Donovan Frankenreiter - Start Livin'

Gotta dig those moves.


Mister Rogers - Garden Of Your Mind

An awesome track done by John D. Boswell, the creator of the Symphony of Science series.

Bon Air at AIR Studios

This is an awesome full live acoustic performance by Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and Sean Carey. If you're into these guys at all, this is a must watch. If you're not, watch it anyway, and do it in HD! The songs are, in order:

1. Hinnom, TX
2. Wash.
3. I Can't Make You Love Me
4. Baby's
5. Beth/Rest

The Bamboos - I Got Burned

Some funky soul featuring Tim Rogers, live on Gordon St. Tonight.

Theodor Bastard - Tapachula

Some trippy gypsy trip-hop grooves from Russia.

Lucky Dube - It's Not Easy

The late, great reggae master from South Africa in 1993.

Caribou - After Hours

Would love to see these guys live. So different from the albums.

Charles Bradley - Why Is It So Hard

This is awesome. The amazing old man of soul is headed to the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival in Fredericton this September, get on it!

The Flaming Lips & Edward Sharpe - Do You Realise

A hundred apologies! I've taken some time off as it's busy season here, and I've been working pretty hard on some new tunes. To make up for my days off here's the first of twelve great tunes to enjoy on this sunny Monday!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ceeb - Freestyle In The Metro

My man Ceeb freestylin' in the Montreal metro.

Astro Boy

The original from 1963!

Dave Chappelle hangin with the paparazzi

Gotta respect the man. This is how it's done.


How about taking a 7 hour train ride from Bergen to Oslo in Norway? Here's amazing HD video of the view from the driver's seat for the entire ride. 

The Hobbit production video 7

Part 7 of this great series.

10 bets you will never lose

Just a few bar tricks here. Warning: turn your audio down!

The 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

Warning: Insulting language inside.

Mrs. Doubtfire recut

The way it was meant to be filmed...

Darrell Waltrip's ride of a lifetime

The first 90 seconds are comedy gold. Remind you of anyone?

Welcome to Life

It's a sick, sick joke. Thanks, lawyers, for everything. Marketers, take a bow too.

Jaws in 60 Seconds

Oops, it's been longer than I thought since I posted. Still working on the next EP, just a bit of touching up to do on two of the tracks. In the meantime here's a bunch of random stuff in no particular order.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bryan Raydio - Minimizer

Here's a couple tracks I finished up about a month or so ago. They've been hiding on my Soundcloud page. The first is just a quick little minimal house track I did and the second is a remix of a song by the Arka Teks. Should have another EP finished by the end of this week. Things is moving quick!



The Arka Teks - Evolver [Bryan Raydio Remix]


Tenacious D - Roadie

While we're on the topic of epic...

The Jacksons - Can You Feel It

How about some epic 1981 Jackson action for ya.

Fiona Apple - Paper Bag

Fiona's back with a new album on the way, but until we get one of those videos here's an old one.

The Skeleton Dance

Wow that was obscene. I think I need something silly to bring me back to normal. This should do the trick.


Fifty Shades of Grey

There's been some hubbub about some dirty book going around. I really haven't a clue about what it is, nor could I really care less, but I'm sure Gilbert Gottfried can bring us back up to speed. WARNING: extremely vulgar language inside.

Mars One

Anyone want to go to Mars? For good?

Flat ground tricks

These are some ridiculous skateboarding tricks. Watch in HD.

The ZeroN Levitated Interaction Element

Just another look at the future of gravity manipulation from the labs at MIT.