Thursday, March 29, 2012

The return of Ron Burgundy!

Don't really like sequels... but this one might actually work! Welcome back Ron!

... and with that, I'm off on the road until Tuesday, see ya then!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smashing Pumpkins - There It Goes

Just for Billy, here's another classic.

Dr. Octagon - Blue Flowers

Some classic hip hop from back in '96.

Tenacious D - To Be The Best

Now thing is nothing to laugh about! Or is it? Brand spankin' new D!

The TorqueGun

Somehow this video of a guy using a power torque gun on some bolts becomes infinitely more enjoyable thanks to the South Park soundtrack. Had to laugh.

James Cameron emerges from the depths

He's done it! James Cameron has reached the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the world's deepest point, and returned in one piece. He's brought back all kinds of goodies for science, including video footage. These are the first bits of that footage being released. Hardly even an appetizer, but landmark nonetheless.

...and under the water...

Joe Medicine Crow's war story

Another pretty amazing war story about an exceptional character, taken from Ken Burns' epic documentary "The War". Sometimes traces of humanity can be found even in the worst situations.

Billy Corgan vs Alex Jones

Figured I'd give everyone an extra day to absorb everything I posted on Monday. Here's another biggie for you. I'm not really a huge fan of Alex Jones, I think he's a sensationalist and I'm not into his presenting style, but he has a place in alternative media and I respect the work he does in trying to make people think. This is probably my favorite interview that I've seen him do, mostly because he just lets Billy talk and control most of the conversation.

I was a big fan of early Pumpkins stuff and while I don't always agree with Mr. Corgan, I think he's very intelligent and I think he presents himself very well here and explains his point of view very coherently. I tend to agree with most of what he's talking about here, and I think it's worth a listen if only to instigate conscious thought and debate about important societal issues.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sigur Rós - Ekki Múkk

Let's finish the day with this awesome track from the upcoming album "Valtari".

Pretty Lights - We Must Go On

Another sweet track from Derek Vincent Smith.

The Mars Volta - The Malkin Jewel

This is the first single from the sweet new album, and it's a frontrunner in the fan-made video competition.

Kennedy - Karate

This song was first released 6 years ago but it's found new popularity thanks to its placement in this ad. Never too late to do a video I guess!

Monty Python - Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

This should cheer me up. My favorite from the year I was born. Actually, I'm pretty sure this song was written specifically for me. Probably the movie too. Thanks guys, I needed that.

Peter Schilling - Major Tom

Here's another 80s classic, extended version with an awesome fan-made video.

Dave Brubeck - Take Five

I posted Al Jarreau's version of this a while back. This is the man himself performing in Belgium circa 1964 featuring the song's writer Paul Desmond on saxophone, Eugene Wright holding it down on the bass, and Joe Morello tearing it up on the drums.

Imagination - Just An Illusion

Right, now it's time for a week's worth of tunes. Here's an 80s classic.

Singing the blues from space

Ron Garan plays sends us a little ditty from the International Space Station.

Stanton T. Friedman IS Real

A quaint and very fair little documentary about Fredericton's own Stanton Friedman, one of the most distinguished members of the UFO research field.

Apache helicopter crashes in Afghanistan

Yup, that's a $20 million attack helicopter that some hot shot just wrecked trying to look cool. Good thing we didn't give that money to something really dumb, like the space program or medical research or education.


Samuel L. Jackson has some poignant words for George Zimmerman.

Israel loves Iran

...and Iran loves Israel. This is a campaign that has been gathering strength. The ordinary citizens of Israel have no interest in war, and neither do the citizens of Iran. It's all a show, all political nonsense. This is why where are so many revolutions going on all over the world. People have had enough. Enough of the bullshit, can't we just live our lives? Thankfully the world of social media, for all its critics, has opened up opportunities for people to freely express positivity and broadcast it for all to see. Long may it continue.

RCMP raids the Conservatives

As I've become more interested in political policy in recent years, it has become more and more apparent that politics, in itself, is a complete charade. Why are so many people politically apathetic? It's not hard to understand when the actions of most career politicians are enough to make one physically ill. These clowns tell us to "stay in school" and "act responsibly", and then go and act like a bunch of monkeys flinging shit at each other. How did these people get in power, and why do we keep them there? Better yet, why do we allow anyone to wield such power, particularly when most of the time we don't even like the people in these positions?

It's baffling, frustrating, and comical all at the same time. Most days I wonder whether I should give up and let other people worry about it, but then I wonder what kind of people would want to? It's a vicious circle, and just makes me want to move to an island. All I need is a cool $3 million and I'm set...

UFO noodle commercial

From 1978. Obviously ahead of their time.

Dancing cows!

I took an unannounced self-imposed week-long vacation from blogging. Mostly because I've been busy working on my new website, and more importantly content for the website, i.e. new tunes! I've been remixing/mastering some old ones as well and all should be finished soon and open for public scrutiny. If you haven't noticed yet, and really those no reason you should have, you can now access the blog via It's just a redirect for now, but soon it will lead to a proper website, at long last!

Another reason I've been absent is that the weather has finally started to turn and I've been spending time outside! I'm not a fan of the cold and tend to hibernate during the winter months, so I feel a bit like these happy characters emerging from their indoor housing to the great outdoors at long last!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Big Head Todd - Sexy And I Know It

How to take a crap song and make it cool 101.

Phil Hartman's Saturday Night Live audition tape

The late Phil Hartman's hilarious audition for SNL in front of Lorne Michaels et al. I wonder how long he rehearsed for?

Marlon Brando interview from 1973

The legendary actor's fascinating interview with Dick Cavett nearly 40 years ago. This is at the age of 49 and immediately following his huge success with "The Godfather" and "Last Tango In Paris". Worth a watch for film fans.

The Hobbit production video 6

This video has re-enforced two things for me:

1) I must must MUST go to New Zealand.

2) I am disturbingly excited to see a movie about little people with hairy feet.

The Sagan Series - The Humans

The latest in Reid Gower's series of audio-visual tributes to Carl Sagan. This one's the best yet. Watch in HD.

Friday, March 16, 2012

First Serve - Must B The Music

What! This is sha-weeeet!


Washed Out - Soft

Some more chill goodness from Ernest Greene.

Twin Peaks - Heavy D

East and west coast come together for this dope track!

Irish journalist roasts European Central Banker

Vincent Browne, legend that he is, puts bankster Klaus Masuch in his place. This is real journalism. More of this please.

TRON light suit dance!

I remember talent shows back at my high school. They did not look like this.

Microscopic footage of a T cell attacking a cancer cell

Geeky? Yes. Amazing? Most definitely.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gorillaz - Do Ya Thing

Crazy new track featuring Andre 3000 and James Murphy. Not sure if like.

Guinness sheepdog trials

Ha ha ha. What a silly commercial.

George Barnett - Lone Rose

Musician slash model from the UK. Seems reasonably talented.

Patrick Henry Hughes

Another amazing and inspirational person, with an equally inspirational father.

My Man, Sir Isaac Newton

Ok enough politics, on to science. This clip is now legendary.

Farage talks to RT

If you can't get enough of Mr. Farage, here's an excellent interview he gave to RT this past Sunday evening on the subject of the UK political situation.

The eurocrats are delusional

Nigel Farage trashed the eurocrats once again yesterday. Brilliant.

At the last moment...

Here's another crazy dash-cam video. Why do people have these things?

Ron Paul can't be bought

That same greasy so-and-so Abramoff here says that Ron Paul is untouchable. He can't be bought. If that isn't a huge endorsement of the man's character I don't know what is.

Jack Abramoff on 60 Minutes

If you haven't seen "Casino Jack And The United States Of Money", I suggest you do. It's the story of Washington supreme lobbyist Jack Abramoff, i.e. public enemy no1. It's also the story of why the average honest citizen can't understand and can't relate to politics. The problem is the guys at the top are all crooks. Almost all of them. The slimeball himself tells us how it's done in this candid and infuriating interview.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Woodkid - Iron

Whoa! This... is awesome. Can't believe I didn't know about it before now.

Jack White - Love Interruption

A fine 'solo' effort from Mr. White featuring Ruby Amanfu.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Tapes & Money

New track from this gifted and quirky young English lad.

Miami Nights 1984 - Ocean Drive

Roller disco? Aww hell ya!

We Stopped Dreaming

I'm on a bit of a Neil deGrasse Tyson kick lately. His passion for science and reason is infectious. This is a pretty awesome five minute clip. Watch in HD.

The Gap 1983 Christmas commercial

How's this for a blast from the past, featuring Terry David Mulligan no less!

Press Pause Play

This documentary is a must-watch for anyone in the creative industry, especially music or video producers. It examines many facets of the changing world of culture, and especially the implications of technology and the internet on business opportunity. Very interesting and highly recommended. Watch in HD.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

Huoratron - Cryptocracy

The music of tomorrow is also here. Warning: strobe heavy.

AMOLED screens

Think about some of the technology that exists in your life at this very second. Consider how just five years ago, some of that technology would seem like science fiction. Now try to imagine some of the technology of the future.

This is an AMOLED screen. It's touch sensitive, super thin, transparent, flexible, hammer proof, and two years old. The technology of tomorrow is here today. Are you ready for it?

No Sleep Till The Bronx

Short documentary of The Bronx slash Mariachi El Bronx on tour.

Enormous classic movie poster collection

I don't know who's collection it is but it is utterly ridiculous. This is a crazy Star Wars poster from Hungary. I have absolutely no idea who or what the weird looking three-eyed lizard alien with the sword is supposed to be. Or why Darth Vader is missing a glove and kinda looks like a duck. Check out more here.

Awesome movie posters

By Olly Moss. Check them out here.

Oh look, a broccoli house!

Brilliant conceptual art by Brock Davis. There's more here.


I cannot possibly describe the wonderful weirdness of this video accurately through the medium of words. Directed by Andrew Huang. Watch in HD.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Paper Kites - Featherstone

It's one day post-Kony embarrassment so I'm laying low in the blogosphere. Here's a happy little indie folk tune to guide us through to tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bonobo - Eyesdown

There's a new remixed version of the "Black Sands" album out and I haven't listened to it all yet but remix by Machinedrum is awesome. Awesome animated video by Anthony Schepperd too.

Constantines - Shine A Light

My favorite song by one of the most underrated rock bands in recent times.

Dollar Shave Club commercial

I doubt I'll be ordering their razors any time soon but this is a pretty f***ing funny commercial.

Anderson Cooper caught promoting fake news

This is hardly a surprise, and most people by now, I HOPE, understand that the mainstream media is a complete facade, but here once again is CNN putting the ritz on via Anderson Cooper and his phony "Syrian informant". Laughable.

Dennis Kucinich voted out of congress

It's a sad day for common sense in Washington. Kucinich was one of the few men who stood for principles rather than votes and dollar signs. That, in the end, is what appears to have cost him his spot. Hopefully he'll find a way to remain in politics. A Ron Paul - Dennis Kucinich presidential campaign would gather a ton of momentum.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation - Space

Ambient dark jazz at it's finest. Best listened to with the lights off.


Zero Cult - Second Breath

Braids - Native Speaker

Fluxion - Eruption

The deepest of the deep minimal tech house frequencies.

Caravan Palace - Rock It For Me

New single from the Parisian electro-swingers!

Planet Asia - Golden State

A little old school production right there!

Big Wreck - Control

Good day for some music videos, here's the second single from the new album "Albatross", released today! Can't wait to get it!

Aloe Blacc - You Make Me Smile

New video from the new king of soul.

Who is Joseph Kony?

Not a very nice fellow, apparently. EDIT: Seems the maker of this video might be questionable as well. Have we been duped? Read this.

Dave Chappelle's first Star Search appearance

Hilarious even from the start. What a legend.

The Most Astounding Fact of the Universe

Featuring the voice of Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the music of Patrick Watson and the Cinematic Orchestra, edited by Max Schlickenmeyer. Watch in HD!

Dock Ellis & The LSD No-No

Professional baseball pitcher Dock Ellis famously threw a no-hitter in 1970. Pretty amazing, but even more so that he was on LSD during the game. This is an awesome little animation featuring his actual words describing the game.

The Great Awakening

You probably don't need to watch this, just another revolution video. It's a good one though, so maybe it's worth the four and a half minutes.

Why gas prices are so high

Another fine Reality Check from Ben Swann.

The Lord Howe Island stick insect returns

These happy "little" fellers were supposed to have been extinct for more than 80 years. Until they turned up on an old volcano sticking out of the ocean in the South Pacific. Check out the crazy story here, and below is a slightly weird but interesting video of one of these critters emerging into the world for the first time.

Cops fooled by pee prank

These are usually dumb. This one is pretty funny.

Somewhere over the cat organ

How and why does this even exist?

Cullman Liquidation mobile home commercial

Greatest mobile home commercial ever? I'd say.

Marley movie trailer

New Bob Marley documentary coming out soon! Awesome!

Baby Cookie Monster

Still in the moving-in process, but the work space is good to go so things should start happening a little quicker. Now here's a picture of Cookie Monster as a baby.

Friday, March 2, 2012

NASA discovers giant lobes above Milky Way

Huge electron structures at the center of the galaxy. Whatever they are, they look pretty cool.

The City of Samba

This is an amazing tilt-shift video of the Carnaval Parade in Brazil. Watch in HD.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kim Dotcom discusses his arrest

Megaupload supremo Kim Dotcom gives his first interview since being arrested in January. He's a bit of a dodgy character but he makes some very valid points about the nature of his arrest and the accusations made against him.

Death Grips - Get Got

New mayhem from these California crazies!

The 2 Bears - Get Together

Funky little track out of the UK.

How big is the US Debt?

Back in November I posted a visualization of the US debt, stacked in $100 bills. Here is another interesting way to look at it.

The race to the bottom of the ocean

What would you do if you had more money than you knew what to do with? Richard Branson and James Cameron are having a race. A different kind of race. They're seeing who can make it to the bottom of the Mariana Trench first. Any bets on a winner?